What is HEIC? What features does it have?

What is HEIC? HEIC is the default file format chose by Apple for storing images on iOS devices and Macs, replacing the traditional JPEG to let you capture and store photos with awesome HEIC features. By comparing HEIC to some of the previous image formats, for instance, HEIC & JPG, HEIC & PNG, HEIC is increasingly recognized by its higher quality and less space occupation.

HEIC to JPG Conversion

It always takes time for something new to emerge and be accepted by the public, so does HEIC. While this new file format is remarkably more efficient in terms of storage space and high quality, it is not yet widely compatible with all kinds of apps and all running systems, which results in lots of HEIC image compatibility problems and brings growing demand for converting HEIC to JPG. Here comes a free online HEIC converter that gives the quick and hassle-free conversion from HEIC to JPG.

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Other HEIC knowledge

Practical HEIC How-to Tips & Guides

Taking photos is one of the most used functions we often use on our mobile phones, and photos are precious life memories of all kinds of meaningful moments, such as birthdays, trips, important parties and so on. For photos saving in HEIC format, the processing and editing of this new type of image are different from traditional image manipulation of JPG. Fortunately, no matter you want open HEIC in Photoshop or Lightroom, convert HEIC on Google drive or do more with your HEIC photos, you can check the detailed HEIC how-to tutorials here.

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Comprehensive HEIC Resource

Currently, due to the incomplete compatibility of HEIC, you can’t handle HEIC photos like the same way handling with JPG, PNG, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to keep up to date with compatibility support, no matter for applications or computer systems. To help you keep up with the newest HEIC support updates, here we have prepared a resource page providing you with the latest HEIC news, as well as offering you the most useful tricks regarding online HEIC conversion or preview.

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Most Useful HEIC Issues’ Solution

HEIC solution help you out from kinds of annoying HEIC relevant problems and issues, whether the problem of can’t upload HEIC on Windows, have no idea what does the message “keep high efficiency original if available” mean, faile to open HEIC photos on Mac, or more problems that you’ve never encountered before, you can find solutions here.

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Relevant HEIC Software Review

There are variety of software for HEIC in the current market, including HEIC picture viewer, HEIC image transfer or editor, HEIC photo converter, lost HEIC photo rescuer, and so on. To help you find the best software available, HEIC reviews page providing you the honest, unbiased and personal tested reviews of kinds of HEIC related computer software.

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